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Hello World

Hi, I'm Nivaya Palat Bhathena.
Age: 4 months


I have been sent down from the heavens with an extremely important responsibility - i.e. to rule the world!

I take my job very seriously. This diary chronicles my journey. 




At 4.29 PM I decided to take my position as CEO baby.

I had been searching for my Chief operating officer for the last nine months. Known fondly by me as zomamato (mama for short), this was a vital position and though I had ample choice, mama promised she'd willingly work the long hours and wouldn't even ask for a days leave. So after much deliberation I agreed to offer her this coveted role.

She is on probation so she better live upto my expectations. 



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I can't promise i'll have the time from my busy schedule to answer you. It's the price I pay for being famous.

None the less, I'll be listening! 

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