Halloween this year was quite fun... Of course I was invited to a number of social events. Being a festival I quite enjoy, I tried to visit as many of my fans as I could. COO Mama was not quite innovative in my outfit though, she dressed me as myself - A Princess! though, Head Of Marketing Papa, did add some pretty wings to add a bit of fantasy to my look. First stop for trick of treating was Tj mama and his mama. I was gonna play a trick on him and not show up, but I am glad I did coz I got lots of treats!

Next stop was to grace the home of my Executive Assistant and my CFO. Note to self: as a good boss, its important to once in a while drop by the staff's humble abode.. It seems to make them very happy! Though I must say some of them have some strange customs as instead of rose petals, I was showered by something known as 'Bubbles'. I was going to steam off in a fit of range, but as a music lover when they gifted me a grand piano for visiting, I felt much more at ease.

Tired but still a girl of my word, I then stopped by to see my stylist Divi Aunty as she wanted to show me off to her office team. I was told they had dressed up too especially for me. I do however wonder what they look like when they don't dress up, as all looked pretty much the same.

Just when I thought all my commitments were down, Zomamato informed me of this big Khan bash that she really wanted me to make an appearance at. I did, its was fun even managed to get in a power nap. The paparazzi of course got notification of my arrival and were waiting until 2am just to get a snap of me! I wish my team too was as dedicated!

Side note: Head of Marketing Papa tried to steal my limelight, by posing as some Mr. Bajaj. Of course though all the papers used that as an excuse to feature me. I'll give him a warning and let him go this time...after all I am a fairy princess!

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As a world ambassador, I am often asked to lend my support to noteworthy causes. Today was no exception. Being #WorldBreastCancerDay, I decided to highlight the importance of early detection by wearing pink. Of course, like all colours, this too looked fabulous on me and my many fans around the globe including @ELLEIndia too decided to #ThinkPink

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The flagship office electricity was out today until evening but I couldnt let my team slack from work so I took them to my lower parel outlet run by my personal stylist divi maasi to continue business as normal. Being a Friday though I decided to have some fun with the team too and entertained them with my musical prowess and as there were no kids around I even did a very tasteful burlesque performance for them. After that they all found it quite difficult to concentrate on work. But work we must. Meetings. Phone calls. Presentation etc... till finally I understood the true meaning of 'bored'room. Can the weekend begin already!

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