So, I have known Ma Durga for quite some lifetimes. In fact on this very day last year, during her pujo, she had entrusted me with the responsibility of coming down on Earth. She even contacted COO mama to inform her of my arrival just after her prayer visit. Of course I still needed to vet COO for 9 months to see that she was the right choice. Either way I thought it customary to stop by today and say hi to Ma Durga and let her know I was doing okay. Great to see you again my friend, will come drop by again next year!

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It was a really busy day. Meeting and more meetings but that's the life of a CEO. COO had pitched us for a literary festival. Her vocabulary is really limited, she hardly ever understands what I say. So naturally I had to go myself. Of course all that was needed was for me to be rolled in and they were all immediately sold. Sometimes if you want the job done right. You just have to do it yourself! 

Q and I became friends right away. Now mama keeps singing about him every so often. I still need to meet A B C D E ..... and some more though!

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COO had booked me for an appearance at an exhibition. It was all the way at the other end of town, but I guess its the least I can do to make my fans happy. So I go.

Nice, there is a welcome carpet for me. A VIP lounge. A Stage. Of course loads of paparazzi.

I take my seat in the front and watch my welcome performance! Kinda loud (both sound and look wise) so I move a seat or two towards the back. I expected the organisers to take notice right away. They seemed to have missed it. I guess the show must go on. And on it did! I see face after face appearing on stage and saying a thing or two. I wasn't really listening but I didn't hear my name said once! Even the audience didn't turn around. How rude! And then the final straw was when another person half my celebrity took centre-stage to a standing ovation. I had had enough of this shit (pardon my french) and so that exactly what I left them all across their carpeted floor!

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