Month 3 Evaluation

Once on the lips, forever on the hips they say... So I have ordered Zomamato to cut out the sweets and outside food. Once in a while, I have noticed she tries to sneak in a cupcake or a chocolate bar, so when I do catch her I make sure to yell at her all day to show my displeasure. So hard to find a good honest employee these days.... ooof!

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2 Month Evaluation

As a gourmand, I find it imperative that my food be fresh and if not I make sure I spit it out and immediately voice my customer complaint.

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1 month evaluation

Zomamato is sometimes quite tardy. I need to make sure my meals are on time and quite often she is late and I have to scream at her. Furthermore, the portion size is quite small. Personally I think it's a sales gimmick to get me to eat more.

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