At 4.29PM I decided to take my position as CEO baby. I had been searching for my Chief operating officer for the last nine months.

Known fondly by me as zomamato (mama for short), this was a vital position and though I had ample choice, mama promised she'd willingly work the long hours and wouldn't even ask for a days leave. So after much deliberation I agreed to offer her this coveted role.

She is on probation so she better live upto my expectations.

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First job of business - the announcement of my arrival. Mama had selected my Chief Marketing Officer. She said she had been observing his work for the past 12 years and felt he finally had the experience to be a worthy member of my team. So I met him for a final interview and after a lot of foot and ass kissing i decided to give him a shot. He goes by the name of papa, easy enough but I might change it to dada or something depending on my mood. Anyway back to the announcement. Papa sent out the press release on Instagram and ofcourse the news went viral. I wasn't surprise. I knew I'd make headlines! Good job papa you are hired.

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Ofcourse my arrival sparked a fan frenzy. Messages began pouring in thanking me for taking on the job of BabyCEO. The whole world had been waiting. And I was most definitely the 'woman' for the job. My fans came to visit from far and wide with power dressing outfits, furnishings for my new office and so much more. Some even tried to bribe me! Little do they know I'm incorruptible, but I took the money in any case, Have put it in my bank and will later offer them shares when I go public. One fan ofcourse was crazier than most. She showered me with personalised gifts galore. A super fan known as divi aunty. I like her energy and fashion sense so I have recruited her as my personal stylist. She happily and gratefully accepted.

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