I never realised how polluted the air of the factory would be. I thought an hour in the oxygen chamber post my arrival would suffice but the new environment was making my skin turn yellow so I decide to spend a day or 2 at the spa before leaving the factory for my headquarters. Papa had waited patiently for me outside the oxygen chamber so the day spa was mama's turn. I kept popping out to grab a bite and check on things but I knew I had a big job ahead of me so it was important to just de-stress and get my tan on!

Time to leave for the headquarters. The most important location from where I will be conducting most of my business. My COO mama chose it. She s

ays its centrally located and sea facing. It better be up to the mark or I'll make sure to give her a telling off. After a fond teary-eyed (not me, the staff) farewell from the factory I was on my way to my new digs. Mistake No. 1, my chariot was not upto the mark, luckily divi stepped up before I lost my temper with a more luxurious chariot perfect for a celebrity CEO baby and I was on my way...

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HQ's is nice, more about it later. Being such an important person it is only befitting to have a personal bodyguard. And I love mine. Her name is Muffin. She's a softie on the outside but a toughie on the inside. Just like me. Beware her bark is louder than my bite. Muffin I must say is excellent at her job. Never leaves my side. Stay up and on alert through the night. Shouts at strangers and even moisturizes my skin with her tongue whenever she sees the beginnings of dry skin. Finally an employee that lives upto my standards.

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