At 4.29PM I decided to take my position as CEO baby. I had been searching for my Chief operating officer for the last nine months.

Known fondly by me as zomamato (mama for short), this was a vital position and though I had ample choice, mama promised she'd willingly work the long hours and wouldn't even ask for a days leave. So after much deliberation I agreed to offer her this coveted role.

She is on probation so she better live upto my expectations.



First job of business - the announcement of my arrival. Mama had selected my Chief Marketing Officer. She said she had been observing his work for the past 12 years and felt he finally had the experience to be a worthy member of my team. So I met him for a final interview and after a lot of foot and ass kissing i decided to give him a shot. He goes by the name of papa, easy enough but I might change it to dada or something depending on my mood. Anyway back to the announcement. Papa sent out the press release on Instagram and ofcourse the news went viral. I wasn't surprise. I knew I'd make headlines! Good job papa you are hired.

Hi everyone, my name is Nivaya Palat Bhathena

And this is My Story


Ofcourse my arrival sparked a fan frenzy. Messages began pouring in thanking me for taking on the job of BabyCEO. The whole world had been waiting. And I was most definitely the 'woman' for the job. My fans came to visit from far and wide with power dressing outfits, furnishings for my new office and so much more. Some even tried to bribe me! Little do they know I'm incorruptible, but I took the money in any case, Have put it in my bank and will later offer them shares when I go public. One fan ofcourse was crazier than most. She showered me with personalised gifts galore. A super fan known as divi aunty. I like her energy and fashion sense so I have recruited her as my personal stylist. She happily and gratefully accepted.

Meet Divi Aunty

Meet Divi Aunty

She's obsessed with me

She's obsessed with me

My Super Fan

My Super Fan


I never realised how polluted the air of the factory would be. I thought an hour in the oxygen chamber post my arrival would suffice but the new environment was making my skin turn yellow so I decide to spend a day or 2 at the spa before leaving the factory for my headquarters. Papa had waited patiently for me outside the oxygen chamber so the day spa was mama's turn. I kept popping out to grab a bite and check on things but I knew I had a big job ahead of me so it was important to just de-stress and get my tan on!



Time to leave for the headquarters. The most important location from where I will be conducting most of my business. My COO mama chose it. She says its centrally located and sea facing. It better be up to the mark or I'll make sure to give her a telling off. After a fond teary-eyed (not me, the staff) farewell from the factory I was on my way to my new digs. Mistake No. 1, my chariot was not upto the mark, luckily divi stepped up before I lost my temper with a more luxurious chariot perfect for a celebrity CEO baby and I was on my way...


HQ's is nice, more about it later. Being such an important person it is only befitting to have a personal bodyguard. And I love mine. Her name is Muffin. She's a softie on the outside but a toughie on the inside. Just like me. Beware her bark is louder than my bite. Muffin I must say is excellent at her job. Never leaves my side. Stay up and on alert through the night. Shouts at strangers and even moisturizes my skin with her tongue whenever she sees the beginnings of dry skin. Finally an employee that lives upto my standards.


My core team also includes my Executive Assistant - Ammamma and my Chief Financial officer - Achan. They have been around getting thing ready since before my arrival. But being so busy I only recently got time to spend training them. My CFO - achan is a funny man. He's got a walrusy face that make me laugh. Another ardent fan of mine, he loves taking pictures of me and storing it in my personal archives as he knows the priceless value or my perfect pout. On the flipside though he needs constant affirmation that he is doing a good job and is nervous around me due to my imposing personality. EA Ammamma on the other hand is meticulous, patient, kind and caring. She has an initiutive understanding of my needs which pleases me. Though sometimes I see her sitting and slacking on the job which doesnt gel with my go getter personality so I make sure to sternly reprimand her and get her back on her feet to work.