My core team also includes my Executive Assistant - Ammamma and my Chief Financial officer - Achan. They have been around getting thing ready since before my arrival. But being so busy I only recently got time to spend training them. My CFO - achan is a funny man. He's got a walrusy face that make me laugh. Another ardent fan of mine, he loves taking pictures of me and storing it in my personal archives as he knows the priceless value or my perfect pout. On the flipside though he needs constant affirmation that he is doing a good job and is nervous around me due to my imposing personality. EA Ammamma on the other hand is meticulous, patient, kind and caring. She has an initiutive understanding of my needs which pleases me. Though sometimes I see her sitting and slacking on the job which doesnt gel with my go getter personality so I make sure to sternly reprimand her and get her back on her feet to work.

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