COO had booked me for an appearance at an exhibition. It was all the way at the other end of town, but I guess its the least I can do to make my fans happy. So I go.

Nice, there is a welcome carpet for me. A VIP lounge. A Stage. Of course loads of paparazzi.

I take my seat in the front and watch my welcome performance! Kinda loud (both sound and look wise) so I move a seat or two towards the back. I expected the organisers to take notice right away. They seemed to have missed it. I guess the show must go on. And on it did! I see face after face appearing on stage and saying a thing or two. I wasn't really listening but I didn't hear my name said once! Even the audience didn't turn around. How rude! And then the final straw was when another person half my celebrity took centre-stage to a standing ovation. I had had enough of this shit (pardon my french) and so that exactly what I left them all across their carpeted floor!

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